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What is work-based learning?

Work-based learning enables individuals to learn directly from the work they do.

There are many advantages to work based learning, including the following:

• Learning is immediately applied to real work-based issues.
• Learning is directly linked to tasks.
• Time/ resources are used efficiently.
• Learning is brought into view of all in the workplace.
• Encourages participants to take responsibility for their own learning.
• Participants learn directly through doing the work.
• Support is always available.
• Greater transfer of learning from one situation to a range of other situations.

Learning occurs in 3 ways:

1) Self Paced Learning – pacing yourself through learning using the Learner Guides provided. Self-paced learning can occur on or off the job, with the preference being on the job where you are exposed to all activities, systems and support.

2) Training Sessions – a series of training sessions can be scheduled to support and guide the participants through their learning. This gives participants the opportunity to practice their skills (such as coaching) together. Participants will always be trained by leading trainers with extensive management and experience.

3) On-the-Job Visits – a qualified assessor visits participants on a monthly basis, to support, coach and assess learning. This coach will also keep in touch with you via other means of communication, as convenient.

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What is competency-based training and assessment?

Competency implies the trainee has demonstrated appropriate skill, knowledge, understanding and attitudes in relation to tasks, and is able to perform to a standard established by the industry.

National competency standards define the competencies required for effective workplace performance. They also act as a benchmark for training, assessment and quality control.

Being competent means that you can learn and retain knowledge, understand how it fits into the big picture of your organisation and put it into practice in the workplace in line with their standards and procedures. Of course the right attitude is required to make all of this work.

Competency-based assessment…

• Allow learners to move at own pace
• Assess against standard criteria
• Is evidence-based over time
• Participatory for learner and assessor
• Takes prior experience into account.

Competency-based assessments DO NOT require you to sit for an exam. It is the opportunity for you to demonstrate your new skills and knowledge to the standards or in line with the workplace practices.

Assessments are completed by gathering evidence, such as:

• Observation of work skills
• Questions and answers
• Role plays and/or simulations
• Demonstration of a practical task
• Supervisor reports/written reports.

Any areas of assessment that do not meet the standards will be given additional time for re-training and re-assessment, so eventually you achieve competence in all areas of your work.

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What is RPL?
RPL stands for “Recognition of Prior Learning”. It is the process of recognising the competencies obtained by an individual through previous or current training/work experiences.

If you wish to apply for RPL, simply contact the office of Target Training and we can discuss the requirements with you. Target Training’s RPL policy states that any trainee participating, or intending to participate in a training program, has the opportunity to apply for RPL if they feel they hold the competencies required for that training unit, or units.

Flexible Training
At Target Training we believe in flexible training delivery. This means we adapt our systems and methods to your company’s specific needs. Contextualisation of our materials is also important so that all learners can relate to the subject in their workplace situation. We achieve this through a range of training delivery styles appropriate to the context, task and trainee.

Appeals and Grievances
If a trainee participating in a program is not satisfied with an assessment result, it is within their rights to appeal the decision. Target Training will always supply a trainee with details of this formal process prior to an assessment.

Access and Equity
Target Training applies access and equity principles and provides timely and accurate information, advice and support services to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. A copy of this access and equity policy is provided to every student prior to course commencement.

The Australian Qualifications Framework provides a national framework for all education and training qualifications, so there is consistency and easier access for achieving qualifications. We also offer mutual recognition of qualifications you may have received from another RTO.

Language Literacy Numeracy
Studying and learning takes time and effort, particularly for people who have been out of formal education for some time or who have job and home responsibilities. It can be even more difficult for students who cannot read or write well or who have difficulties with numbers and concepts.

All TT trainers are experienced in these issues and can help you if you have any problems. We can tailor tests, programs and assessments to assist you through the process.

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Booking Terms & Conditions

• An order number must be supplied upon booking or alternatively a signed contract or email confirmation.
• In the case of Australian recognised qualifications, induction fees are required upon commencement.
• Cost of qualification for fee for service staff will be invoiced progressively through the program and adjusted according to actual staff numbers in the program at that point in time, ie. 30% at the beginning of the commencement of training, 30% mid-way and the final 40% at the completion of the program after Completion Certificates or Statements of Attainment are issued.
• In the case of cancellations, 14 days notice (before work is due to commence) is required, otherwise a cancellation fee of $750.00 will be charged while materials would have been prepared.
• Training sessions are invoiced at the end of every month for that month.
• In the case of change of dates of training sessions, 24 hours notice is required, otherwise a cancellation fee of $250 will be charged to pay our trainer.
• In the case of travel, competitive rates will be sought and booked by Target Training, and invoiced accordingly, unless alternate arrangements have been agreed.
• Payment terms for all invoices are strictly 14 days from date of invoice.

We give 100% guarantee on all our services and will happily refund your money if you are not satisfied.

We offer flexibility by delivering the training in your workplace at times that suit you and your team. Programs can be fully customised to your workplace situation and measured against your KPIs.

Refund Policy:  In the case of cancellations, Target Training will refund the full amount paid if 14 days notice [before work is due to commence] is provided, otherwise a cancellation fee of $500 (plus GST) will apply.

Money Back Guarantee: Target Training offers a full money back guarantee on all services, if you are not fully satisfied.

Fee Structure:
Australian Recognised Qualifications in Retail, Business Management, Frontline Management, Human Resources or Workplace Training

Please refer to this Pricing Guide for full details on our fee structure.

Protection of Privacy and Information
Target Training gathers and maintains information used for the purposes of registration and other fundamental activities related to being a registered training organisation with the NSW Vocational Education and Training Board. In signing an application for admission, all applicants are advised that both the information they provide and any other information placed into the student record will be protected and used in compliance with the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (1998) No 133.

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